#MeToo: How a self proclaimed ‘youth leader’ Owais Nanda sexually harassed a Delhi girl

Srinagar: A New Delhi based girl has revealed that Owais Nanda, who claims to be social activist and a youth leader in Northern Kashmir’s Baramulla district, sexually harassed her.

The victim said Nanda persistently messaged her, asking to have sex with him when he would visit New Delhi.

In response victim ignored his messages, and later when he persisted, she termed him a ‘misogynist,’ sexist and creepy.

Here is the trail of messages:




Interestingly, Nanda was vocal in supporting the Kashmir Women’s Collectives’ (KWC) #MeToo campaign.

Ironically, one of the Kashmir Women’s Collective member Subreeen Malik and the KWC itself liked his comment despite being warned by the victim that Nanda had sexually harassed her.

Note: The Kashmir Press vehemently opposes sexual harassment of all forms and in all spaces. We express full support to #Metoo movement and those who have come forward with their stories and encourage people to share their stories of sexual harassment. 

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