Kashmir polls: No polling in 3 Budgam municipalities in absence of candidates, opponents

Srinagar: While several areas of Kashmir valley went to polls on Wednesday, no polling took place in any of the three municipalities of Central Kashmir’s Budgam in phase two as there was either no candidate or no opponent in any of the three municipalities. The municipalities include Chrar-e-Shareef, Magam and Beerwah which consist of 39 wards.

In Chrar e Shareef’s 13 wards 11 candidates won unopposed and other two wards have no candidate.

Among 13 wards in Magam six have no candidate and are vacant whereas the candidates of other seven wards won unopposed.

In Beerwah only one candidate has filed his nomination for ULB polls who won uncontested and other 12 remaining wards have no candidate.

Meanwhile among all the six municipalities having total number of 72 candidates voting took place only in one ward that was scheduled in its first phase at Budgam’s ward 5 of Bazar Mohalla where two candidates from Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress were in fray.

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