KU North Campus students protest against university authorities over ‘fee issue’

Srinagar: The students of integrated Masters in Business Administration, 4th semester, in North Campus of Kashmir University on Wednesday held protest demonstration in the campus at against over bus fee issue.

Witnesses said that the students boycotted the classes alleging the university authority has been forcing them to pay two months bus fee while the fee for the said months were not conducted.

The students raised slogans against University authorities and said that despite assurances from the varsity Vice Chancellor that they will not be forced to pay two months bus fee for which they had not attended classes, the North Campus officials are still forcing them to pay two months bus fee.

The students threatened to boycott the classes if the fee for the two months is not waived off.

The officials at the North Campus of the University said that the students should have written to the University authorities if their classes were not conducted for two months.

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