Road Accident Data Management System launched in JK

SRINAGAR: With the launch of Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS) here today, Jammu & Kashmir has become third state in the country to move to automated software-based solution on road accident data.

RADMS was formally launched by the Principal Secretary, Transport Department here today.

The automated software-based solution has been developed by the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) to create a platform for on-the-spot collection of standard and accurate road accident data immediately after a mishap.

Transport Commissioner was complimented for getting the system developed in record time, which would be a big leap in road safety management.

He said RADMS will help policy makers and government executing agencies like municipal bodies, road construction agencies, traffic and transport departments, immensely towards mitigation of Road Safety related problems in the State. “This will help in identifying the reasons behind the accident, rather than putting all the blame on the driver. For instance, if the analysis of data shows bad roads as the reason for accidents, the State will prioritise road improvement” he said.


It is worth mention that Committee of the Supreme Court on Road Safety, in 2015 had mandated all States to put RADMS in place for objective collection of road accident data, as collection of standard and accurate data is vital for preparation of effective policies regarding road safety in the country.

RADMS is a Geographical Information System (GIS) solution for identification of black spots, wrong driving practices, road infrastructure, vehicular defects, road types, damage to property, overloading issues, driver issues and other factors causing or related to road accidents.

Android based mobile application supported by a backend analysis dashboard and data server will facilitate complete end-to-end accident data management.

Transport Commissioner  said, “first-hand data-feeding will be done by the local police from the accident location which will be authenticated by the in-charge of the concerned police station. The data will automatically get uploaded on to the backend server”.

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