New regime, new hope: Pompeo on a mission to Islamabad

New regime, new hope: Pompeo on a mission to Islamabad

Islamabad: All eyes are set on first ever meet of new regime in Pakistan, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, with United States as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Islamabad on Wednesday to hold crucial talks.

The non-ending Afghan war of US troops in Afghanistan with militant organization Taliban and Haqqani Network, whose militants according to US have found “safe heavens” in Pakistan, will be main agenda taken up in the meeting, according to media reports.

The bilateral relationship between Pakistan and US has been on the downslide for years now and the slide has been accelerating with the passage of time, a report published in Dawn said.

Earlier this week, US have announced ending Coalition Support Fund (CSF) reimbursements to Pakistan. The US has already cut short its military aid to Pakistan.

Establishing peace in Afghanistan has become very crucial for US as it will be going for Presidential elections next year and President Donald Trump, who is willing to seek a next term, needs to fulfill its electoral promise.

There is a “growing” realisation in Washington that US mission is Afghanistan is failing and US “wants” Pakistan’s help in tackling militants in Afghanistan.

Secretary Pompeo would be accompanied by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Joseph Dunford. Mr Pompeo will stay in Islamabad for a few hours.

Mr Pompeo will also visit New Delhi for two-plus-two talks.


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