Lok Adalat at Kathua on Sept 9

KATHUA: Lok Adalat is going to be held in the premises of District Court Complex Kathua on Sept 9.

Cases of Pre-Litigation, pending in the courts as reflected on National Judicial Data grid and cases pertaining to NI Act u/s 138 Bank recovery, MACT, Labour Dispute, Family dispute, Municipality, Revenue cases, Electricity and Water bills beside other cases pending in courts will be settled during the Lok Adalat.


Criminal compoundable offences, Land acquisition cases, Service matters relating to revenue cases other civil cases like rent estimatory rights, injunction suits, specific performance suits etc will be taken up for amicable settlement.


The parties are directed to approach the presiding officers of the concerned courts of district Kathua, where their cases are pending for disposal, to refer them to the said forum by or before 08.09.2018.

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