Ultrasound clinic of Kidney Hospital Sonwar sealed

SRINAGAR: The District Appropriate Authority Srinagar under PC&PNDT Act, 2002 along with National inspection and monitoring team (NIMC) today sealed the ultra sound clinic of Kidney Hospital Sonwar for violation of PC&PNDT Act, 2002. The seizure memo was issued on spot.


Under the PC&PNDT Act, 2002 the sex selection/ determination is prohibited. under section 18 (i) of the Act no ultra sound clinic/ Genetic clinic /imaging centre having ultra sound Machine capable of undertaking determination of sex of fetus can carry its operation unless duly registered and under Rule 14 every ultra sound clinic shall intimate every change of employee, place, address and equipment installed to the appropriate authority within a period of thirty days of such change.


During the inspection in Kidney Hospital   Sonwar, out of 3 machines installed only 2 were duly registered which is in contravention to the Act.


Further, it was found that the hospital is not maintaining the records as per PC&PNDT Act, 2002.

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