Lok-Adalat to be held on Sept 8 across Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Pre-Lok-Adalat sessions are commencing from September 01, 2018 in all courts across the State on several subject matters.


Hence, all the litigants, who are desirous of getting their cases listed and settled in the National Lok Adalat, are requested to immediately contact the Registrars Judicial of the concerned wings or Secretary HCLSC in case the matters are pending before either wing of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir or Presiding Officers of the courts/Tribunals concerned where ever the particular matters are pending.


In the cases of pre-litigation matters, the applicants shall contact the chairpersons of DLSAs/TLSCs concerned (Principal District & Sessions Judge/Area Magistrate).


Pre-Litigation Matters including cases under Section 138 of N. I. Act, Bank Recovery cases, labour disputes, Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non-compoundable) and other case involving Criminal Compoundable offences, Matrimonial and Civil disputes can be taken up and settled before the Lok Adalat


Other cases that can be taken before the Lok Adalat include matters pending in the courts (which are reflected on national judicial data grid) like Criminal Compoundable Offences and other offences in which plea bargain is permissible under Chapter XXII of CrPC, Cases under Section 138 N. I. Act, Bank Recovery cases, MACT cases, Labour disputes cases, Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non-compoundable), Matrimonial disputes, Land Acquisition cases; Service matters relating to pay and allowances and other retirement benefits, Revenue cases (pending in District Courts and High Courts only) and Other civil cases including rent, easmentary rights, injunction, specific performance suits etc.


Lok Adalat is an expeditious, inexpensive and effective Alternate Disputes Resolution (ADR) mode whereby the litigant parties get the opportunity to sort out their disputes by mutual discussions/negotiations under the able guidance of the Judicial Officers/Lawyers. On successful resolution of the matter, an award is passed which is deemed to be a decree of the civil court and no appeal lies thereafter. Resultantly, the parties save not only their time, efforts and costs but it also removes the acrimony and restores peace and amity in their relations, besides, avoidance of long crucifying mental pain and agony of the adversarial form of adjudication to a great extent.


Helpline numbers for the Lok Adalat are 0194- 2480408, 09419422073.

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