Sanskrit can even tackle climate change: PM Modi

New Delhi,(UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the ancient Sanskrit language of the country was a huge reservoir of knowledge and can even tackle modern problems like climate change.

The Vedas had detailed reference on Mantras, on ways and means to counter the challenges of global

warming, he pointed out in the 47th edition of All India Radio’s monthly programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ broadcast

on radio and television channels.

The ancient language of Sanskirt and its literature encompassed a storehouse of knowledge pertaining to every

facet of life, he opined.

‘Science and technology, agriculture and health, Mathematics & Management, economy and environment, the

entire spectrum has been touched upon,’ the PM said.

He told listeners ‘You will be astonished to know that Sanskrit is a language that possesses the capacity for

infinite word formation with two thousand verb roots, 200 suffixes & 22 prefixes; coupled with compounds, the

possibility of word-creation is limitless. And that is why the minutest nuance of an expression or subject can be

accurately described. This has been the core speciality of Sanskrit.’

Rather than relying on English quotations or even sher-o-shairi Urdu poetry to communicate more assertively,

those well acquainted with Sanskrit Subhashitas – epigrammatic verses — knew that it was possible to make

a crisp, precise statement, using few words through the usage of subhashitas. And since there is a sense of

geographical and cultural belonging, these were easy to understand and assimilate, he added.

Even today, he said, residents of Mattur village in Shivamoga district of Karnataka used Sanskrit as their lingua

franca and congratulated all those actively involved in preserving and conserving this glorious heritage, helping

it to reach the masses. Noting that every language has its own significance and sanctity, he said ‘we Indians

also feel proud that from Vedic times to the modern day, Sanskrit language has played a stellar role in the universal spread of knowledge.’

Mr Modi, referring to a phone call in Sanskrit from Chinmayi, a Class X student of Bengaluru, in Sanskrit, reacted ‘excellent, extraordinary. My salutations to you. On the occasion of Sanskrit week, I extend my best wishes to all countrymen.


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