Pulwama: Woman slips into coma after forces barge into house for search operation

Pulwama: An elderly woman from Arbal village of Pulwama district in South Kashmir has slipped into coma at Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital after she fell unconscious as Government forces stormed her house and allegedly ‘harassed the ladies’.

“On Tuesday morning around 11:am government forces enter into the house Mohd Ashan Malik. They scaled walls to enter the compound as gate was closed,” John Mohd Parra, a relative of Malik’s said.

He said that the men were at the orchards and there were only women at house and were busy cleaning the rice.

“Jana Begum, 47, and her daughter who recently gave birth to a baby were the only persons at home. They told forces that no one is at home which infuriated them,” Parra said.

According to Parra Army ransacked the house and the two women were so harassed that both fell unconscious.

“We received a call from neighbor about it and rushed home,” he said.

Jana and the newly mother were taken to district hospital were latter recovered but Jana did not and was shifted to Srinagar hospital for advanced treatment.

“Doctors told us that it will take 48 hours to her to recover from the shock but its more that 56 hours now. She has not come out of coma,” Parra said.

According to family doctors have told them that Jana’s coma is due to extreme shock she suffered and they will have to be patient.

While Jana’s family waits outside Intensive Care Unit at SMHS, protests broke out in their locality.

Men and women came on roads against highhandedness of Government forces.

Protesters accused 44 Army contingent from Hawal Pulwama camp of making it a routine to enter villages, houses and ransack, harass people.

“They create fear among people by ransacking property, beating people, snatching ID cards and mobile phones,” they said.

According to them boys whose ID cards and mobile phones are snatched are asked to make themselves present at Army camp where they are thrashed and forced to become army informers.

Srinagar based army spokesman Rajesh Kalia denied all such allegation’s saying they are ‘baseless’. (INS)



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