Stable Afghanistan could be achieved through viable political engagements, use of force adds to damages: Imran Khan to US Ambassador

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s prime minister in waiting Imran Khan has said that he wants to build relationship with the United States based on trust and mutual respect.

According to US acting Ambassador to Pakistan John F. Hoover and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chief met at latters Banigala residence on Wednesday.

Khan told Hoover that his government will engage with the US to make this relationship more balanced and trustworthy.

“We count trade and economic relations with the US extremely important,” Khan told Hoover.

Khan in the meeting has also stressed the need for revitalisation of diplomatic ties between the two countries and transforming the relationship for the benefit of both Pakistan and the US.

“The US delegation and PTI chief discussed issues of mutual interest, including Pak-US relations, bilateral trade, and stability in Afghanistan,” quoted PTI’s media cell.

Khan according to media cell said that he is glad that people in the US have ultimately started acknowledging significance of political solution as conflict and use of force can add to the damages instead of breeding a sustainable solution to the crisis.

“Stability in Afghanistan was in the larger interest of Pakistan, America and the region which could be achieved through viable political engagements,” Khan told US ambassador.

Hoover felicitated Mr Khan over his party’s victory in the July 25 general election.

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