State Panchayat Conference urges Governor to hold elections on non party, non political basis in J&K

AJKPC urges Governor to hold elections to PRI in J&K


Srinagar: Urging Governor N N Vohra to hold elections to Panchayati Raj Institutions on non party and non political basis, All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference (AJKPC) on Saturday said panchayats are just a community institutions to look after the local developmental and other affairs of the villages in the state.

However, the AJKPC has asked political parties, who are opposing panchayat elections in the state to stay away from community institutions, including panahayats.

The AJKPC, an apex body of ex panchayat members of the state, today organized a day-long convention here.

The speakers urged Mr Vohra to conduct the PRI elections on non party and non political basis.

Addressing the convention, Shafiq Mir, chairman the Conference alleged that due to absence of local governing institutions like Panchayats the political loot and monopoly was at its peak at grass root level.

He said that only way to stop this loot and monopoly is to establish local governing institutions on non political basis and deliver the justice.

Mir further alleged that due to the non participation of good and honest people in such institutions, mafia has taken over the whole system from top to bottom with political patronage and they don’t want honest people to come in such institutions who can block their corrupt practices.

Mir said that a wrong impression has been created that Panchayats are political institutions while the fact is that it is a community institution which is in place in the villages since ages and it has nothing to do with any kind of politics.

He said all this impression has been created due to the interference of political parties in such institutions.

He asked former Panchayat members to remain away from all political parties and focus only on the developmental issues of their respective villages.

“ We have nothing to do with any kind of politics in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We are not an institution like assembly to make laws”, he said adding our role is only to monitor the developmental activities in our respective villages.

A resolution was also adopted in the convention through which the ex- Panchayat members thanked governor for strengthening PRI Act by undoing the amendments made by the previous BJP-PDP government.

In the resolution, the panchayat members also urged upon the governor to strengthen this Act more at par with the Maharashtra and Karnataka models so that the democracy is brought at grass root level. (UNI)


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