Imran Khan’s first speech; India being shamed internationally by a section of its media: Shah Faesal

Srinagar: Pakistan’s general election may have ended with Imran Khan’s win but the heat waves seem not to have ended. After the hyper coverage by Indian media of the countries high voltage election, IAS topper Dr Shah Faesal on Friday criticised Indian media for spreading hostilities in the region.

Faesal expressed his anguish over a section of India media for their criticism to the election of Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan in his first address telecasted live by Pakistani and Indian media alike including international media houses had spoken about the Kashmir issue as well calling it a ‘core issue’ between nuclear arch rival India and Pakistan.

“Its time that we, India and Pakistan, stop this blame game and sit down on table to solve issues. If India is ready to move one step we will walk two steps,” he had said adding that Kashmiris have suffered a lot and Humar rights voilations too had been taking place in the valley.


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