High voltage Pak polls: JeI JK says Pakistan rejected Islam, gets a lesson on history

Srinagar: As the high voltage Pakistan general election results are about to come Jamat e Islami Jammu and Kashmir Thursday stirred another controversy by saying ‘Pakistan has rejected Islam’s.

Spokesman for the valley’s largest cadre based Islamist party Adv Zahid Ali said that the Pakistan people have proved that they never had any likening for the Islamic system of life.

“Pakistani people proved beyond doubt that they never like Islamic system of life though they call themselves MUSLIMS! Virtually they inadvertently rejected Islam,” he wrote on his Facebook official account.

However Zahid was soon grilled on his views about the Pakistan elections which has come under attack from various militants groups including Daesh or IS. Almost 250 people have died in different attacks on rallys and on polling day more than 30 people died in a suicide bomber attack.

An international law expert Dr Showkat Hussain , who teaches at Central University Kashmir countered Zahid and reminded him that his counterparts in Pakistan have been part of different coalitions including In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where Imran Khan’s Party PTI is in power.

The election result seem to be going towards Imran Khan.

“Absurd comment voting or not voting for a party does not mean rejection of Islam. A Muslim has submitted no choice of accepting or rejecting. By becoming part of this western democratic process Islamic groups subject them to this process. By aligning with almost every party in different elections including notorious Fazlu Reman they have discredited them selves. They were part of PTI government in KPK for last five years,” Showkat said.

Zahid retorted to people who did not like his analysis by saying, “they denied any chance to those people who really can implement Islam in letter and spirit”.

‘But I don’t mean that we should give up the struggle! We must try try and try again till this world lasts! Struggle is the great success and giving up struggle means total defeat! My comment is about the ignorance of the people of Pakistan!,” He said.






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