First batch of Hajj pilgrims leave Srinagar: Journey towards Mecca commences

Seinagar: First Batch of Hajj pilgrims left Srinagar from hajj house at Bemina Seinagar on Saturday.

The batch left Hajj house and begun there journey towards Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage Hajj.

Deputy commissioner Srinagar and municipal commissioner were present at Hajj house Bemina.

Hajj isn’t one of pillars of Islam and is obligatory in every able Muslim, who has monetary strength to perform it, to be done at least once a life.

The pilgrims will be going to Holy city of Mecca where Kaaba is, to perform Hajj.

Pilgrims will visit the holy city of Medina and pray at prophets Mosque: Masjid Al nabawi.

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