Deadliest disputes can be solved through ‘moderations’ and ‘negotiations’-Mufti Nasir-Ul-Islam

Srinagar: Nasir-ul-Islam, Grand Mufti (designate) on Thursday said “history is testament that deadliest disputes can be solved through “moderations” and “negotiations” which were evident after the decade’s long dispute between North Korea and United States of America.

In a statement he said that after a long bloodshed the adversaries of both the countries met on a table in Singapore and settled the despite once and for all.

“But since 1947 the dispute between India Pakistan and Kashmir has eaten up our generations and precious lives are lost,” it said.

Statement further reads “the silence of international community in this issue is a matter of greater concern despite the fact that human rights groups and organizations have documented the loss of lives massacres, macabre, pogroms, and disasters perpetuated”.

“The infliction of pain and sufferings on Kashmiri’s nation requires immediate attention and action for those peace loving nations who are friends of humanity to end this dispute once for all,” statement said.

He added that the use of bullets and pellets against the stones in addition of the deadly ordeal were our women are molested and raped.

“Families of thousands of youth still have not closed their eyes in long wait of their loved ones. Our society is being broken apart, our economy is derailed and priceless water resources of our nation are occupied and plundered,” it said.

It added “the command of the state is given into the hands of those people who are not only in here to the slavery of New Delhi but are aberrant and ill formed”.

“These people who had staged congress and BJP to the power have their direct hand in their bloodshed and catastrophes delirated through fraud and volte-face”.

He said “now when they are out of power, they don’t have an iota of shame to show the Kashmiri people in bag light, marooned and orphaned”.

“These parties are responsible for the plans orchestered with their conspiracies against the Kashmiri nation”.

He added “government under the command of governor was seen as a ray of hope to end the ordeals and change of policy but on the contrary more military boots are in action to engage our youth to further harassment”.

“Human rights are thrown to the wind by mowing down our youth. The unfortunate actions continue even after the international report of human rights is made public and noted at United Nations,” it read.

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