India declares itself free of avian influenza virus


Delhi: India has declared itself free from the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza commonly known as bird flu June 05 2018 onwards.

According to a statement of Agricultural Ministry, surveillance throughout the country in and around the areas of the outbreaks since completion of the operation has showed no evidence of the Avian Influenza Virus.

The Ministry said India had reported outbreaks of the influenza with epicenters at Karnataka and Odissha. These outbreaks were notified to the World Organization for Animal Health and subsequently, control and containment operations were carried out.

The outbreaks were controlled according to the guidelines of action plan on preparedness, control and containment of Avian influenza.

This was possible with stamping all infected material, disinfection and clearing up of infected premises and the Post Operation Surveillance Plan (POSP).

However, the department has maintained that the surveillance will need to be continued through the country especially in the vulnerable areas bordering infected countries and in areas visited by migratory birds.

The statement instructed that states should not be complacent due to the declaration of country freedom from Avian Influenza but must maintain strict vigil against the disease.

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