‘Will make names of police officers public, if they don’t stop humiliating sisters, daughters’: UJC

Srinagar: United Jihad Council (UJC)- an amalgam of militant groups- has threatened that it will make the names of those police officers public who it claimed were involved in humiliating ‘sisters and daughters’ of Kashmir.

In an e-mailed statement issued to local news gathering agency, KNS, the UJC spokesman, Syed Sadaqat Hussain said that “the police officials should stop humiliating our sisters, daughters and mothers.”

“It has come to fore that some police officials are calling ladies at their Police Stations and are humiliating them before their parents.

“Such acts are unacceptable for the militants and the people of Kashmir,”.

He asked those police officials to stay away from such actions for “some pennies.”

“We will make their names public in case they continue to humiliate the women at the Police stations,” the statement added.

The spokesman has said that “despite ceasefire, the bullets are continuing while as the vehicle of forces are now mowing the people. The ceasefire is just a politics which has got exposed.”

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