Congress alleges 60 lakh  voters in the MP voters list as being fake, approaches EC

A Congress delegation from Madhya Pradesh on Sunday approached the Election Commission  and alleged that more than sixty lakh voters in the voters lost were fake

Expecting a high voltage fight between the ruling BJP and the Congress in the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, which will be held this year, the delegation said that it handed over proof of approximately 60 lakh fake voters registered in the voters list.

Addressing mediapersons after the meeting with the Election Commission, Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath, senior leader and MP Jyotiraditya Scindia said that the BJP is murdering democracy in the state and that the state government is indulging in such irregularities for for its own benefit.

“We have provided evidence to the Election Commission that there are approximately 60 Lakh fake voters registered in the voting list. These names have been deliberately registered in the list. This is not a systematic error but misuse of the power”, said Kamal Nath.

In the letter handed over to the Chief Election Commissioner, the Congress leaders requested the Commission to re-examine the voters list.

“We have requested the Election Commission to demand certificate from every returning officer who approved the list and take action against those who have done malpractices in the voters list”, said Kamal Nath.

It also demanded to prepare a new voters list and take action against officials responsible if mistakes are found the list again and guilty officials by debarring them from participating in the electoral process for next 6-10 years.

“This has been done by the BJP. How is it possible that population increased by 24 percent in 10 years but number of voters increased by 40 percent? We scrutinised the list of all constituencies. One voter is registered in 26 lists. There are similar cases in other places too”, said Mr Scindia.

He also said the Congress has demanded the scrutiny of voters lists of state that share border with Madhya Pradesh.




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