Residents ask tourists to stay away as water crisis worsens in Shimla

Amid protests over the scarcity of water  in the capital of Himachal Pradesh, residents and environmentalists appealed to tourists to stay away from Shimla till the paralysing water crisis tided over the hill station, reported NDTV.

 As it is the peak tourist season for the hill town, an estimated 20,000 visitors arrive on a daily basis.

The current water crisis has also forced the Himachal Pradesh government to postpone the Shimla Summer Festival, which was scheduled to begin on Friday.

Residents took to social media to express the severity of the water scarcity.  “Stop visiting Shimla!” is a message that went viral on social media. “The residents are barely getting water to drink, and at a few places, sewage water is being supplied to the houses. And it’ll only get worse as tourists throng to the place in large numbers during June,” it read.



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