Thunderstorm wreaks havoc in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, 20 killed

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At least twenty people died and dozens were injured in thunderstorms that hit the parts of Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh over the last 24 hours, Hindustan Times newspaper reported.

Reports said that during the past 24 hours the death toll has mounted to 22, among the 22 people, eleven people are from the Jharkhand alone. Meanwhile 29 people have been killed due to adverse weather conditions in the state this month.

Meanwhile in Uttar Pradesh, nine people have died so far due to the lightning and thunderstorm and five deaths were reported in Unnao district, Kanpur and Rae Bareli recorded two casualties each.

Meanwhile, several parts of Jharkhand have been witnessing torrential rainfall coupled with high-velocity winds since Sunday.

A report suggests that almost 43 deaths have been reported so far in the entire state.

Meanwhile the officials believe that the number of deaths can be avoided only through “timely information” and “preventive measures”.

“As soon as we receive information of an approaching thunderstorm from the India Meteorological Department or Skymet, we immediately direct the district authorities to take precautionary measures,” officials said.


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