Say no to plastic, polythene-Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking on the 44th edition of his monthly radio programme, “Mann Ki Baat” appealed to people not to use things made by using low grade materials, The Hindu newspaper reported.

“I appeal to everyone to understand the importance of this theme. Let us make sure that we don’t use polythene, lower grade plastic as plastic pollution adversely impacts nature, wildlife and even our health,” he said.

The theme of the day this time is “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Midi said that it is indeed a big achievement to host the global World Environment Day celebrations on June 5, as the country has a great role in mitigating the climate change.

He blamed the use of plastic things for the sudden climate changes in the country.

“Recently, parts of the country witnessed dust storm, strong winds and unseasonal heavy rains which led to loss of lives and damaged goods. It is all because of the change in our usage,” he said.

“We have to live with harmony with nature,” he said.

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