Exclusive: Sameer Malla, blue eyed boy of Major Gogoi

Sameer Malla- Gogoi’s blue eyed boy. Picture courtesy: Facebook

There is much more to the controversial story of Major Leetul Gogoi and the Budgam girl.

It was Sameer Malla- a local army man who transported the Major to the Srinagar hotel in his private car.

Known throughout the area as the Major’s “blue eyed boy,” Malla would accompany the army officer even during his nocturnal trips to the home of the girl from Budgam.

Malla was detained along with Major Gogoi and the Budgam girl from Srinagar hotel for questioning purpose.

The mother of the girl, had alleged that over the past two months, Major Gogoi, along with Sameer Malla, visited the family’s crudely built shanty twice in the middle of the night.

She categorically blamed Malla for the shocking episode wherein her daughter was caught with Major Gogoi at a Srinagar hotel.

“The mere presence of Gogoi sent chill down my spine. Sameer used to converse with my daughter and I became doubtful but never knew she would be detained with the Army Major at a hotel,” she said while recounting the visits of Gogoi and Malla to their house.

The Kashmir Press Exclusive 

“It was Sameer who brought Major into my house and started luring my daughter. My daughter informed me that she is visiting a Narbal branch of Jammu Kashmir Bank on Wednesday morning but it came as a shock to me when the local Sarpanch received a phone call from Police Station Khanyar informing that she has been detained for questioning”.

According to The Kashmir Press’ in-depth investigation, the incident was not Malla’s first stint of arranging girls for his officers.

Locals say he would often be seen working as a broker while arranging girls for his seniors in exchange for money and favours.

“It was known to everyone around here,” locals say. “Instead of working as an army soldier, he was acting more as a booking agent for the army and was involved in supplying Kashmiri girls to the army officials,” people claim.

Malla was recruited into J & K’s Territorial Army in 2017. After completing his training, he was posted at 53 RR at Beerwah.

He lives in a joint family in Lokipora in Tehsil Khag of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

Local police had already received complaints regarding his activities and had reported them to higher officials.

“We intimated it all to officials, but nothing happened,” a police official said, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Another police source said that Malla had a private vehicle that he used to ferry officials to different areas per their request.

He had recently purchased the vehicle bearing registration number JK04E-2088 in which he used to take them around, they said

When asked if Malla worked as a broker and supplied girls to officials, Senior Superintendent of Police of Budgam Tejinder Singh said that he was not the competent authority to comment on the matter.

“This is not my area, and I am not investigating the case,” he said.

“Better talk with the concerned officials,” he added.

Defence spokesperson Rajesh Kalia has yet to respond to repeated calls by The Kashmir Press.

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