Rare virus creates scare in Kerala, kills 6, scores infected

The deadly rare virus known as Nipah virus has killed 6 people in northern Kerala’s Kozhikode and has caused a public health scare with scores hospitalised

The entire state has been put on alert and the centre is closely monitoring the situation.

While little is known about the Nipah virus in India, the disease was first reported in the country in 2001 and again six years later, with the two episodes claiming 50 lives. Both times, the disease was reported in West Bengal.

Nipah virus or NiV was first identified in Kampung Sungai Nipah in Malaysia in 1998. In 2004, many were infected in Bangladesh after consuming date palm sap contaminated by infected fruit bats.

With every new case, doctors and the medical fraternity are leaning new aspects of the Nipah virus and how it affects humans and animals.

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