Pakistan discusses issues with World Bank to settle water disputes with India

The top level delegation which arrived in Washington on Sunday for the talks regarding the water issue, apprised the World Bank for “settlement” in settling its water dispute with India, The Dawn newspaper reported.

A high level Pakistani delegation on Monday arrived in Washington to raise its concerns over the inauguration of the Kishanganga hydropower plant with the World Bank, media reports said.

The delegation would stay in Washington two more days and will discuss the following three points; the height of the Kishan­ganga dam, its capacity to hold water, Pakistan’s demand for setting up a court of arbitration to settle the dispute, and India’s counter-demand for an international expert, reports said.

Terming water dispute as hugely important for Pakistan as their agricultural country and water is their lifeline.

On Saturday Modi while ignoring Pakistan’s objections and the World Bank’s efforts to find a solution acceptable to both India and Pakistan had inaugurated the Kishanganka hydropower plant in Leh.

While opposing the move Pakistani higher up said “As a lower riparian country, we have the right to have unfettered access to the water that flows into Pakistan from the upper riparian areas.”

“We have been urging the World Bank for years to help settle this dispute,” said Ambassador Chaudhary. “It is a dispute that needs immediate attention.”

Meanwhile Islamabad argues that the dam violates the conditions that the treaty places on the construction of a structure that can hinder the flow of a river. The treaty, which distributes the water of the six Indus valley rivers between India and Pakistan, fixes the height and the storage capacity for all such dams.

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