Ropeway of Jammu is the symbol of modern development-Mehbooba

Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that the ropeway of Jammu is the symbol of modern development and a technological gift to the people of Kashmir.

Mahbooba expressed her views when she visited the project being constructed with the total project cost is Rs 75cr and is scheduled to be completed by end July 2018.

“Any Ropeway project embodies the spirit of modern transport and contemporary concept of tourism,” she said.

She added that the development of the areas and building facilities around the Ropeway should follow the San principle and harmoniously blend with each other.

“Hence the Cafeteria, tickets rooms, facilities, the Ropeway stations and even the toilets have been designed in sync with this philosophy of Modern, high-tech development,” she said.

The buildings designed here resonate the same concept and reflect the modern spirit of development that will put Jammu on the Tourism map of the World.

“When we have visitors and tourists from all over the world visit Jammu, they should see these developments at par with all modern developments around the world,” she said and added that the designs integrates this modern mode of transport with new principles of communication, modern materials and contemporary aesthetic appeal.

The buildings blend easily with the modern landscape, yet get differentiated from the historic monuments of the Bahu Fort, Mahamaya and the Mubarak Mandi.

She further said that the historic buildings do not get overshadowed by modern technology and maintain their cultural identity, while seamlessly providing an elegant backdrop for the modern Ropeway.

The decks, terraces have been created just to allow tourists to enjoy the vistas and majestic views of these monuments, while travelling from one Ropeway station to the other.

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