Taliban attacks Afghan base, kills 30 policemen


In an attack on Afghan bases in the western province of Farah, Taliban Fighters killed more than 30 police, Dawn reported


Farid Bakhtawar, head of the Farah provincial council, said fighters had stormed a police base overnight in Balabuluk, a district that has been under heavy pressure for months, killing at least 23 and wounding three.


In a separate attack in Farah city, Taliban fighters killed 11 police and seized a large quantity of weapons and equipment, he said, Dawn reported

The latest violence underlines the extent of the pressure faced by the Western-backed government of President Ashraf Ghani, already heavily criticised for a spate of suicide bombings in the capital, Kabul.Farah, a remote and sparsely populated province between Iran to the west and the Taliban heartland of Helmand province in the south, has been a key battleground for the insurgents for months, with heavy fighting in Balabuluk district, Dawn reported

The region covers major smuggling routes into Iran from Helmand, source of much of Afghanistan’s opium crop, Dawn reported


Afghan special forces, backed by air support, have been heavily involved in the fighting but have been unable to prevent repeated attacks by the insurgents, Dawn reoprted


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