Spirit of meeting needs to be taken forward; otherwise we would be failing our people: Rafi Mir

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday expressed satisfaction over the unanimity achieved at yesterday’s All Party Meeting in expressing concern over the continuing spree of killings and violence in the State and the dire need to end it at the earliest.

In a statement issued to KNS, Party Spokesman, Rafi Ahmad Mir said the leaders of various Political parties who were present in yesterday’s meeting have been public figures for decades together (majority of them being elected representatives), thus fairly in know of the ground situation in Kashmir.

As such, he said their advice and suggestions to the Government have to and should be taken seriously and acted upon accordingly.

Mir said the near unanimity reached in the meeting about ending the cycle of violence in the State naturally calls for taking substantive measures which would eventually lead to a situation where hostilities are scaled down and an atmosphere of mutual trust is built where dialogue, and not firepower, becomes the mode of communication between people.

He said it is incumbent upon the political class of the State to play our role responsibly and rise above electoral gains to give our youth a safe, peaceful and secure future. Otherwise the entire polity by failing our people would go down as a class which did not grab the opportunity of playing their role in ending bloodshed and violence in the State, he added.

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