North India: Authorities warn of thunder-storm, dust-storm in four states

Indian Meteorological department (IMD) has issued a fresh alert to the North Indian states including Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal on Tuesday, Business Standard reported.

“The North Sates could witness thunderstorm and dust-storm on Tuesday, with winds may draft up to 50-70 kilometers per hour,” IMD said.

Earlier the department had issued a notice to close down the schools in Haryana as a preventive measure following the thunderstorm warning, the Haryana.

At least 124 people were killed and more than 300 were injured across five states due to dust storms, thunderstorms, and lightning last week.

Following the tense situations in country, Delhi government has also decided to close all evening schools on a standby in the wake of the warning and put search and rescue teams alert for any kind of damage.

However, Sky-met Weather has said that the chances of dust-storm have now decreased.

Further, dust storms have also hit Chandigarh and parts of Punjab and Haryana on Monday evening. Officials said that the rainfall activity was likely to pick up in the region from Monday night.

Meanwhile, in wake of dust-storm, Traffic Police Delhi has also advised commuters to plan their journey while keeping the weather conditions in consideration.

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