Militia, bandits clash in northern Nigeria: 45 died

At least 45 people have died following the clashes that broke out between the armed bandits and militiamen in Northern Nigeria on Sunday, The Hindu reported.

Following the clashes between the two groups, the escalating rural violence often involved cattle rustling, robbery and kidnappings.

The bodies including the orphan children were also among the dead who were found lying in the bushes. “The bandits pursued residents who mobilized to defend the village after overpowering them,” said a vigilante who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals.

“Till now twelve people have been buried after the incident took place,” media reports said.

“The vigilante had said that the bandits struck at about 2:30 pm on Saturday and stayed for three hours before retreating to their base in the forest in Zamfara and burnt down many homes,” reports said.

In last week thirteen people were also died during the clashes between them, following the killing of 25 people in a separate incident last week.

At least 12 people were also killed in an attack on several villages in Adamawa, in the northeast.

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