India killing innocent Kashmiri’s to suppress indigenous freedom struggle: LeT

‘Properties, infra being destroyed with well-hatched, crafted conspiracies’


Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba, on Monday said that India is killing the innocent Kashmiri’s to “suppress the indigenous freedom struggle”.

Shah in a statement sent to local news gathering said that the aim of the killing is to suppress the freedom struggle.

He said that the properties and infrastructure are being destroyed with well-hatched and crafted conspiracies. Such ethnic cleansing atrocities are nowhere to be seen in the world other than Jammu Kashmir.

“But Indian forces continue to commit severe atrocities and a brutality by killing innocent Kashmiri’s thus violating the human rights laws. India will get to nowhere in their vicious plans. The indigenous freedom struggle of Jammu Kashmir will soon bear success,” he said in a statement.

Dr. Abdullah Ghazanwi, Spokesperson LeT quoted outfits chief Mahmood Shah as saying “paid his tribute to the people and said that their support to the struggle is a debt on Mujahedeen which they will continue to compensate with utmost sacrifices”.

The mothers of Kashmir are paying their salute to the freedom fighters by guns and saying their goodbyes by rendering them as grooms. This mother of a freedom fighter revived the lesson to Ummah by picking up the gun.

The Muslims got respect and glory with Jihad but succumbed to slavery when the left this obligation. But today, our mothers are making history with utmost bravery. But we appeal to our mothers to not to pick up the gun at this very moment.

Their utmost and respectable prayers are enough for the noble cause and inspiration for the freedom fighters. Their sons are still alive and will never let down their gun by going through any sacrifice as necessary.
Mahmood Shah said “India is frustrated against the PhD youths joining the ranks of freedom fighters. Media is also propagating lies alongside the conspiracies on ground but this will never change the truth.

The educated and intelligent youth of Jammu Kashmir can now differentiate between the freedom and slavery. The martyrdom is worth more respect and glory than is the slavery. This trend has now gone viral and India cannot suppress it. The year 2018 will prove to be as of a year of change in demographics of India.”

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