New Wave of Israeli repression: 1100 Palestinians injured

The ongoing Palestinian protest at the Gaza-Israel frontier turned worse on Friday, May 4, when Israeli forces fired at the demonstrators who targeted a border terminal, leaving 1,100 people injured, the reported

The news web portal reported that among the wounded, around 82 people were injured in live fires while 800 fell ill by gas inhalation after the Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters, Reuters cited doctors as saying.

The Palestinians have been conducting protest march at the Gaza border since March 30 which is historically known as ‘Land Day’ and it was set to culminate with the Nakba (Catastrophe) Day on May 15, which is observed a day after Israel’s independence that came in 1948, the webportal stated.

Palestinians mourn the day since they were uprooted in masses to make way for the Israeli state in 1948, it added.

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