US warns China for militarizing South China sea

WASHINGTON: The United States has warned China of dire consequences for militarising the south china sea.

According to the media reports, China has deployed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems in the disputed south chian sea.

In a press breif to the reporters, white House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that the US has raised this concern with the chinese leadership.

“We are well aware of China’s militarisation of the South China Sea. We’ve raised concerns directly with the Chinese leadership about this. And there will be near-term and long-term consequences,” Sanders told reporters.

Claiming it has”indisputable sovereignty” over the area, China has strongl defended the deployment of anti-ship and cruise missiles in the disputed south china sea.

Earlier, the Pentagon has also said it has concerns about militarising the artificial islands constructed by china in the disputed territory.

“China has to realize that they’ve benefited from the free navigation of the sea. And the US Navy has been the guarantor of that,” chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White told reporters.

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